About Us

Deery which has 81 years old past is keeping its activities as an institutionalized company which started on 1936 in a little workshop.

Deery which increase its quality day by day since the first years of Republic period became a choice for leading brands of the sector which are exporting to many countries of the world from a traditional hand made shoe making.

While modernizing the traditional understanding shaped in parallel with fashion, we have never sacrificed the value of the hand making labor. Deery is proud of being a brand which owns the largest amount of male shoe models of Turkey.

Our Vision

By opening first of our stores which has an access to the customer directly, in İzmir Street on 1996, we have reached 6 stores with silent and determined steps. Our target is maintaining the customer satisfaction in the ratio of 100% offering the elegance and comfort of 100% calfskin leather by opening Deery stores in every county. Deery as an independent brand which takes firm steps towards for being a world brand is aiming to create difference with the products preferred by whole world.

Our greatest goal is increasing our employees and customers with “more store, more employment” philosophy by increasing the attention and trust we earned day by day, heretofore.