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Women’s Shoe Models

Women’s Shoe Models

For the ages which the desire of shoe is identified with women, there’s no doubt that the women who try every kind of shoe became the target audience directing the sector.

We, as Deery, created an abundant diversity by providing 100% leather quality in women’s shoe models. Our Deery brand which we embellished with women’s shoes elegant from each other, aimed to be a new breath in the sector for the women.

Deery, which transforms the shoe craving without sacrificing the elegancy, offered the shoes first designed for foot health and then stylish designs with modern style for you, valuable ladies.

Genuine Leather Women’s Shoe

We produce the court shoes, flat shoes, babettes and sport shoes which you might prefer for classic or regular wear for you to use for years without sacrificing the quality.

For the shoe production which is used 100% calf leather, we also offer the robustness of the traditional hand making. With the customer satisfaction goal behind all of our products, we render the shoes for your budgets which we offer from manufacture to the user.

Innovative and Gracious Leather Shoe

While innovative and gracious Deery models come into the existence with the styles of our designers who are keeping up with the fashion, they also make your feet feel comfortable.

All of our models we produced with our experience over 80 years, they are made of 100% leather. Our quality products which don’t exhaust your feet carrying all the weight of your body, are offered for you with the diversity for your sport or classic style in the best way.